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Star Cast : Prem Chopra,Jimmy Sheirgill,Surveen Chawla,Gippy Grewal,Rahul Dev

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The film opens with a news headline on news channel with the breaking news that CM of Punjab Gurdial Singh has been hospitalized on account of major heart attack and using this reason other political parties are trying to bring down the present government of P.S.D (Punjab Sewa Dal) and for this Baljit Singh Wadala (Prem Chopra) President of P.S.D is holding a rally to meet the people and assure them that soon the condition would revert to normal and that there party is always ready to serve people of Punjab soon after this he goes to hospital to meet CM who asks him to occupy the vacant seat of Chief Minister which he refuses.

Outside the hospital some journalists question another member of the party Baldev Singh (Shivender Mahal) regarding parties'next decision to which he says that Whatever would be the decision taken by the party would be for the welfare of people of punjab. Then comes the introduction of Nachhattar Singh (Rahul Dev) who is one of the most popular politicians of the party along With Babbar (Binnu Dhillon) another member and right hand of Nachhattar Followed by introduction of Vikramjit Singh Wadala son of Baljit singh Wadala and a party member. Then comes Squadron Leader J Singh,Jasdeep Singh Wadala (Jimmy Sheirgill) a Short tempered ace Air Force Pilot who's love interest is Baani (Surveen Chawla) Daughter of his Senior. Meanwhile, Baljit singh announces that till present CM recovers a Deputy CM would be made to run the Govt. and this person would be the next CM candidate for next Elections. Then comes Heera Singh (Rannvijay Singh) a student union leader who is a very close friend of Nachhattar Singh. His love Interest is Suhani (Japji Khaira).Nachhattar Singh expects that he would be the Dy.CM.Meanwhile, Jasdeep Singh is ordered to go to Punjab for the Promotion of air force university. Here it is revealed that jasdeep is not in good terms with his father Baljit Singh Wadala as jasdeep had to leave the house to join air force and swore not step in the house ever when his father who was all ready to establish him as a powerful Candidate of PSD as he wanted him to join politics this showed that father son relationship was bittered.Meanwhile, Media creates a tension for who would be the Dy.CM and finally Vikramjit singh wadala is announced as the Dy.CM against the expectation of Nachhattar who was expecting to be the Dy.CM. Nachhattar leaves the party on being suggested for doing the same by Batra a businessman.Nachhatar was in thirst of power and said whoever would come between him and CM's seat would meet death to which Heera singh feels that Nachhatar should not have such an attitude. meanwhile both the brothers jasdeep and vikramjit meet after a long time and after few days on the birthday of jasdeep vikram comes to greet him and gives him his gift and asks him to forget everything and to apologise to their father where jasdeep asks him to have a party at night with him.sameday during the night jasdeep picks up vikram from a spot and vikramjit accompanied him without the security cover. Jasdeep asks him whether their father knows that he has come to meet him or not where jasdeep comes to know that only vikram's wife prabhjot and Baldev know that vikram is out and that their father does not even no that jasdeep is here. Jasdeep agrees to apologiseto his father just for sake of his brother.Meanwhile, a car crashes into Vikram who is killed in this accident.After Vikrams' death the father son rivalry deepens. Then Jasdeep goes to meet Nachhattar in order to convince him to rejoin the party and not leave his father in such a condition now hopefully he would be made Dy.CM. Nacchhatar rejoins party and apologises Baljit Singh.Next Jasdeep comes to know from Batra and Heera that Nacchhatar has got Vikram killed in the car accident. Jasdeep returns home and apologises his father to which his father agrees and forgives him.Jasdeep tells Baldev about Nacchhatar's truth of killing Vikram to which Baldev said that he is with Jasdeep and would take care of everything and that intelligence would solve the matter and that convict would be caught soon. Now Babbar tells same thing to Jasdeep that Nachhattar has got Vikram killed and that he is organising a rally in memory of Vikram.Jasdeep tells this to Baldev who asks him to go to rally with Nachhattar and to look into the depth of this matter. Jasdeep and Nachhattar go to rally together in same car. At the rally Babbar gets a call and then he hurriedly runs toward Nachhattar to protect him from the shot he is .Stampede occurs and all politicians are taken to cars by security and this time Jasdeep does not accompany Nachhatar media becomes active and attack on Nachhatar becomes the breaking News on every News Channel. At the same time a bomb blast occurs and Nachhatar is killed. Jasdeep goes to meet Babbar who was hospitalised due to injury where he comes to know that Babbar 'lied' him about Nachhatar' involvement in Vikram's accident! And that Batra forced him to tell this to him.Jasdeep rushes to meet Batra whose men attack Jasdeep. Jasdeep asked Batra that who got Nachhatar killed to which Batra said that he is the same person who got Vikram killed! And also that the person is from his own home! Jasdeep shares everything with his father Baljit who tells him that in politics it never happens what it seems so he should be careful. Jasdeep takes Baldev with him to an empty ground and narrates thia whole story as a story of a 'king'and their the truth comes that it was Baldev behind all incidents i.e. he was the master mind behind this story it was all revenge for not getting the power of Dy.CM since he had been loyal to this party from last 20 years followed by arguments jasdeep drags baldev into the car and drives very fast eventually an accident occurs and later the scene concludes with the death of Baldev and media report which stated that the accident occurred for to fog and thus jasdeep has been minorly injured. Then Jasdeep finally takes over PSD as its new President followed by joining of various youngsters including Heera singh.



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