Priyanka Chopra's comment on Nick Jonas' post! Thu April 18th, 2024
Priyanka Chopra's comment on Nick Jonas' post!
Nick Jonas has consistently been recognized for his numerous instances of supporting his wife, Priyanka Chopra. Even if we can't deny that the international artist is a huge asset, we also can't ignore the fact that his wife, a global icon, is one of his biggest supporters.
Nick Jonas posted a few photos of himself during the Jonas Brothers concert in Sao Paulo on his Instagram account. The artist appears stylish in his laid-back attire, and the images exude fun, so we're sure the show was amazing.
There must be a sizable throng supporting Nick and his siblings, but Priyanka Chopra, Nick's wife, is undoubtedly the biggest fan. The instant Nick posted these photos on his Instagram account, the actress took to the comments section and shared a fire emoji.
When she gets the chance, Priyanka Chopra makes it a point to attend the majority of her husband's concerts. However, she is currently filming Heads of State, her next project, with John Cena and other actors.


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