Nick Jonas opens up on life changes after becoming a father! Thu May 23rd, 2024
Nick Jonas opens up on life changes after becoming a father!
Everyone has witnessed the wonderful relationship that Priyanka Chopra's husband, Nick Jonas, has with their daughter, Malti. Despite his hectic schedule, the father and daughter are frequently spotted spending quality time together.

The Fashion actress brightens our feed with her frequent sharing of cute photos of them. Now, Nick has talked candidly about how becoming a father has changed his life in a recent interview with a media source.
In an interview on managing his type 1 diabetes, Nick Jonas revealed that he used to become quite upset with any given circumstance. However, he has since stood back and made an effort to view every circumstance from a fresh angle, which he claims has been beneficial and healthy. He's been able to give his family more of his attention.
Speaking of life after fatherhood, Nick said that he has experienced numerous changes. He revealed, “Anything that kind of pulls me out of being present with her is something I've worked really hard and tried to sort of eradicate. Those moments with her are precious, and so I don't want to be in my head about a frustrating day with Type 1."


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