Neighbours actor Peter Hardy dies at 66 in snorkelling accident! Mon March 20th, 2023
Neighbours actor Peter Hardy dies at 66 in snorkelling accident!
Peter Hardy, an Australian actor and musician who appeared in sitcoms like McLeod's Daughter and Neighbours, passed away at the age of 66. Continue reading to see how the theatre performer from Perth who was recognised for singing and acting in a number of plays, shows, and movies passed away.
According to reports, Hardy drowned on March 16 in the morning at a beach in Western Australia. The 66-year-unconscious old's body was discovered in the ocean as he was snorkelling on South Beach in Fremantle. He reportedly received CPR from bystanders before paramedics came, but he was pronounced dead not long after. According to reports, Hardy travelled from London to visit his mother in a town close to Perth, Western Australia. He had posted on social media and tagged himself at Cottesloe and South Beach in Fremantle, according to The West Australian, around an hour before he was discovered unconscious in the sea.
Condolences and notes of tribute poured in after the news of Hardy's passing started reaching friends and family. His brother, Michael Hardy, confirmed the news of his death via a Facebook post that told, "I am devastated to say that my brother, Peter Hardy, passed away suddenly this morning. This is the only means I have of contacting his wide group of loved ones and friends. Rest in peace my beloved little brother."


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