Josh Brolin opens up about directing Outer Range episode! Fri May 24th, 2024
Josh Brolin opens up about directing Outer Range episode!
Among the most varied performers is 56-year-old Josh Brolin. We've been impressed by the actor's performances ever since his career began. His career as an actor has taken off thanks to roles in movies like the Dune film trilogy and Marvel blockbusters.

The actor took on a new job as a director, which allowed him to further advance in his career. Brolin helmed a segment of the popular television series Outer Range. See what he has to say about managing challenging actors.
The seasoned actor talked about his encounter with The Outer Range showrunner Charles Murray during a media conference. The actor disclosed that he and Murray clicked immediately away from their first meeting. Murray told, “‘You’re directing six.” And Brolin agreed.
The actor went on to say that Murray told him that he had seen Brolin's work and that he had spent enough time with the actor.
The actor from No Country for Old Men said that being behind the camera taught him a lot about himself and his passions.
Referring about directing, the 56-year-old actor stated, “I loved it, man. I love the design of it. I love the architecture of it. I love the celebration of it.” He further added, “There were a lot of interests that I’ve had through the decades that I never really understood. When I directed, I was able to funnel it all into one place without trying to force it. My whole life made sense.”


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