Joker composer Sam Slater opens up about his work in The Railway Men! Tue November 28th, 2023
Joker composer Sam Slater opens up about his work in The Railway Men!
Sam Slater is well-known for his work in a number of television shows and films, including Mother!, Chernobyl, and The Joker. His performance in the Joaquin Phoenix film earned him a Grammy Award. Sam sat down to talk about the inspiration behind his latest work in the Netflix series The Railway Men in an interview with a tabloid newspaper. He has discussed the work that went into it, the inspiration, and the creator, Shiv Rawail.
He revealed, “It's very challenging to make music for something real. Yeah. I think that the first thing to know is that while the story itself is potentially, you know, it's not a documentary. It's a real tragedy in which many, many people died and in which many people's lives were ruined, changed, and forever altered. I was really attracted to this story when the script came through. Shiv had managed to write a story that was full of hope, and that hope threaded through a very real tragedy. And so, I learned a lot.  I tried to read as much about the history as I possibly could.”
“Well, I mean, there's emotional challenges, yeah. I think making a comedy is probably easier work for the soul. I think the comparisons with Chernobyl sort of start and stop with the fact that it was an industrial disaster. I think ultimately the way in which the Railway Man tells the story is far, far more of a thriller. It's more, um, there's more energy in the narrative. Chernobyl is 100 percent about the disaster and about the political context. While those things, I think, are important and well addressed within The Railway Men, Shiv chose to tell the narrative through the stories of these four main characters.”
The difficulty was primarily in giving these characters life, vitality, love, and all of these wonderful emotions while yet getting them through. It's a tragic and intricate narrative.

He further added, “I can remember watching the first episode with my collaborator and teammate over here, who was called Jakob Vasak, and he's a great composer from Austria.  And we watched it, and we were like, This is pretty good; you know, we were really happy with it. And Shiv was really happy, and we were all really excited to get on to telling the story of the Railway Men afterward.”


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