Sunny Kaushal's admirations for Sharvari Wagh and Munjya team! Fri June 07th, 2024
Sunny Kaushal's admirations for Sharvari Wagh and Munjya team!
Everyone has been excitedly awaiting Munjya's release ever since the movie's first glimpse was released. Fans can't wait to see this horror-comedy, which features important roles for Sharvari Wagh, Mona Singh, and Abhay Verma, on screen.

Sunny Kaushal, Sharvari's alleged boyfriend, has always been her biggest supporter. He attended the VIP screening of the movie last night, and he has since praised the movie and the crew on Instagram. In addition to him, Vicky Kaushal wished the team well.
Sunny Kaushal posted the Munjya poster to his Instagram stories and penned, “What a fantastic film!! Enjoyed everything about this one. The folklore, the monster, the characters, the visuals, the music.” Admiring Abhay Verma she posted, “you are so endearing and perfect as Bittu”.
Then, he wrote because he was gushing over his alleged girlfriend Sharvari Wagh, “you shine is every frame especially the drunk scene. I was laughing my ass off.” At last, he pleaded with everyone to see this movie.


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