Super 30


Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 is a tale of Anand Kumar. A Patna-based mathematician, he followed his true passion and designed coaching classes for 30 underprivileged students, who desired to secure admissions in popular institutions of India. A math genius, he secures admission at Cambridge University, but has to let go of this opportunity because he is incapable to afford the fees.
A dejected Anand now takes it upon himself to make sure that no deserving student has to give up on his dream due to financial issues. The movie weaves the caste prejudice and education for the privileged angle handsomely into the narrative. This is the story of a common man who decides to wage war on many fronts. There are some instants that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you in tears.
Why Anand quits his money-spinning job to teach these poor kids, how does he find them, what struggles do they face and finally, do they achieve their goal or not forms the rest of the plot.
About the acting, Hrithik as Anand Kumar has given a notable performance and is earnest as Kumar. In some of the scenes, Hrithik has displayed his emotions so strikingly that it instantly strikes a chord with the viewers.
Pankaj Tripathi is astonishing as always but, he has been wasted much like Aditya Srivastava, who is essaying Hrithik’s opponent. Mrunal Thakur is good as Hrithik’s love interest but her character too is unplanned.
Nandish Sandhu has essayed Hrithik’s brother with efficiency. Amit Sadh is a good in his limited act. Virendra Saxena has essayed Hrithik’s father and he is wonderful in his role.
In the film, the actors who have played Hrithik’s students are perfect in their roles and for this the casting director needs to be applauded. You can actually feel their disappointment, doubts and low self-confidence.
The first half is good but, the movie becomes more of a science fiction in the second half. The second half has been dragged and thus, it fails to engross you. But, the film has its heart at the right place and it’s always encouraging to see underdogs turn into winners.
Director Bahl has taken plenty of cinematic liberties to put his message forth. Some plot points seem far-fetched and dramatized. Vikas Bahl’s direction is notable but the screenplay is feeble. Songs are ordinary but the cinematography is good.
Overall, film Super 30 is worthy to watch once due to its inspirational plot and good performances.


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